Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back into our arms

Our friend Scott is such an amazing artiest, and he was there with us the day we lost Sharyn. He came and took some wonderful pictures of our beautiful baby girl and shared our grief with us. We talked for a while in that hospital room about how we were feeling and how hard it was to say good buy to some one who was so perfect. And he had such wonderful words of comfort, he talked about how exited we will be to finely get to hold our baby girl in our arms and know the amazing reason that she was taken from us so soon. He said "Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us and Sharyn was one of those special spirit that all she needed was a body, and when we return to her we will be so amazed at her purpose, and all the blessings we received for our grief and sacrifice" Shortly after that he gave us our wonderful gift that I so desperately wanting and needed, and that was our beautiful family portrait. I had asked him, long before we lost Sharyn, to take our family portrait when Sharyn joined our family. And when that fateful day came and I realized that my dream of a family portrait was lost, Scott surprised me (the day of Sharyns funeral) with our priceless family portrait. It was prefect and beautiful, and I will always be grateful for Scott's inspiration and talent that he shared with us that day.
Once again he amazed me! The other day my sister Sharon and I went of to Scott's home to talk to him. He proceeded to tell me this story about a couple that had a beautiful baby boy that was healthy and perfect, but after just a few months they suddenly lost him to heart problems. It was very hard on them and Scott was inspired to do this beautiful picture of what it will be like when we are rejoined with our beautiful children. This photograph was so touching to me I started to cry, the spirit was so strong at that moment when he shared this story and picture with me. The couple in the photo is the couple that lost there baby boy just this Christmas and you can see the emotion that he captured on there faces. He said that it was one of his hardest shoots, because how emotional it was. I LOVE IT and want to share his work with all of you. He said he took this picture to hopefully be a comfort for parents like me who lost the little ones to soon and that we have this moment to look forward to. The photo is titled "Back into our arms" How perfect! I love you Scott and Stacy and want to let you know that you are such a blessing to our lives. Thank you so much for being our friends!