Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A lady bug sent from heaven!

It has been so amazing and so emotional these past few days. I have cried for so many reasons and have felt blessings and miracles all around me. The day Ambree was born was one of the most miraculous days of my life. To here her little cry as she was born was so wonderful and the most overwhelming feelings I have felt in a long time. I wish I could describe how I felt but I don't know how to put it into words that could justify the feelings I was feeling.

As I was recovering in the hospital my mom and sister decided that it was time to get ready for the baby to come home. (I just could not put up the crib or get ready for Ambree, not because I was not exited to have her here, but I was nerves to put up anything just in case something were to go wrong. I just could not bare to take down the crib again. I just did not want to Jinks my self.)
Wail they were cleaning and setting up the crib they found a little surprise setting on the head of the crib. It was a perfect little lady bug. Why is that such a miracle? Because I have always thought of our baby Sharyn as a lady bug. I bought her crib set with them on it and had to have one put on her head stone. And here to greet her new little sister into the world on her birthday was a perfect lady bug just waiting. My mom and Sharon just stood there staring at this miracle, how did it get into the house? How was it still alive when there was snow just out side? But here at the head of baby Ambrees bed was a lady bug. I would like to think it was a sign sent from heaven, our little Sharyn wishing Ambree, her new baby sister her love and that she was watching over us in this happy time.
I can't tell you what a comfort it was to see the pictures of this lady bug and to here the story on where it was. To know that our baby girl was here with us. I know our Heavenly Father loves us and is watching over us. He has blessed us again with another beautiful baby girl. There has been many things that have been such a miracle with Ambree's coming and it all points to one thing. There truly is a Heavenly Father watching out for our family, and our sweet baby Sharyn is ever so near to us.
Just a few things that happened to verify that Ambree was a miracle. First, we wanted to have another baby after Sharyn but I was to scared to try again, so we decided that we wanted to wait awhile. But just 3 short months later we were surprised to find out I was pregnant. How could that be? I could never get pregnant on my own. All of the other kids I had to visit with the doctor to have them and here we were pregnant with another baby.
I just new it was going to be a boy. How could I be having a girl when I wanted one so bad and our last baby girl was taken from us much to soon. I was wrong again, it was another girl, to me that was one of the most amazing miracles I had yet. I could not believe we would be having a baby girl in our home after all.
Next came the shocking news, baby Ambree was due on baby Sharyn's 1st birthday, November 14Th 2009. When they told me my due date I was so surprised I started to cry. How could this be? Out of all the days in the year to have our baby due, she was coming right on our Angel baby's birthday. The pore tec. lady was flustered with my reaction, so I told her my story and she was surprised as well. She quickly changed my due date to the day before, November 13th. My mom would always tell me that it was Heavenly Fathers way of trying to make things wright and to let us know that there was many more blessings to come for the sacrifices we have made. I think maybe she was right.
And then our beautiful baby Ambree came into this world at exactly 36 weeks and 6 days, just exactly the same age of baby Sharyn, the day we lost her. She was also 36weeks and 6 days when I did not feel her move anymore and went in to the hospital.
There was so many things that make me believe that I am being watched over and now to have this Lady bug here, the day baby Ambree was born, to welcome her to this earth. How else, but believe it was sent by her big sister Sharyn.
I love you Sharyn and miss you so much. Thank you for the little gift and I know that you have been here with us these past few days. I love you and will always keep you in our hearts, and one day I will have another miracle, I will hold you in my arms. I will look forward to that day, Until then I will cherish these moments.
Love your Mommy and new baby sister Ambree!

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